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RareNoise Records Store - Terms of Service

All prices quoted include UK taxes (VAT). Postage and shipping costs for merchandise are set out separately.

There are no UK export restrictions on our products.

Our prices are stated in £ GB Pounds for all products.


Postage and shipping costs for more than one item are shown when ordering and are dependent on quantity. The more items that you order, the cheaper the average postage and shipping costs per item are.


Our digital downloads (and their associated download IDs) are limited in time and frequency - once an order is confirmed you will be able to download you product for X days and for a maximum of Y number of times (currently : X=5 and Y=9).

RareNoise Ltd will not be able to renew your download once more than X days have elapsed from your order. Should you experience download issues in before the upper time limit is reached, we will gladly renew the download ID for you.


RareNoiseRecords makes every effort to maintain and fully protect your confidentiality when taking an online payment. No credit card information is ever collected and store on the RareNoiseRecords website.

When checking our products and prices no personal information is being exchanged and so encryption is not used.

Please be aware that any standard emails travel in a non-encrypted format and should be regarded as not secure.

We aim to continuously improve our site, so there may be developments in the future about how we secure your data. We will notify you by updating this policy and wherever possible by emailing you if you have opted in to receive updates from us.

Please contact Customer Services at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any questions about on-line purchasing or our website in general.

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