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Somma (Sacred Order Of Music Magic & Art)


Somma ("Sacred Order of Music, Magic and Art") is the lifelong project of Eraldo Bernocchi and Petulia Mattioli. Somma is at heart a live audiovisual event involving juxtapposing tibetan monks to more modern performers in the space of jazz, jazz-rock, dub and world music.

All Somma recordings are live recordings by definition.

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23 Wheels Of Dharma

The latest release in a very sparse yet more than decade-long career, 23 Wheels Of Dharma is Somma's ("Sacred Order Of Music Magic And Art") first release on RareNoiseRecords.
Recorded live at Teatro Dal Verme in Milan in 2007, it features Eraldo Bernocchi on guitars with his partner Petulia Mattioli providing the live visuals, Bill Laswell on bass, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari , the Faraualla trio and Raiz (of Almamegretta and Meditronica) on vocals, Hamid Drake on drums and norwegian master Nils Petter Molvaer on  electrified trumpet, all accompanied and orchestrated by 6 Tibetan Monks.
Veering between jazz, dub , fusion and eastern sonorities, Somma creates a live performance of rare intensity and originality.
"A truly international affair" Songlines
"Un album che rinnova i fasti magico-ritualistici di Material e Praxis, proiettandoli con originale vitalita' nel nuovo millenio" Rumore
"Abbraccia coralmente le istanze del jazz e del dub, delll'elettronica evoluta e della musica etnica" Rockerilla
23 Wheels Of Dharma (CD)
23 Wheels Of Dharma (CD)
23 Wheels Of Dharma (Download - FLAC)
23 Wheels Of Dharma (Download - FLAC)
23 Wheels Of Dharma (Download - MP3)
23 Wheels Of Dharma (Download - MP3)