Svårmod Och Vemod Är Värdesinnen


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Artist: The End EAN 13 (CD): 5060197761578 Cat. No. (CD): RNR097 EAN 13 (VINYL): 5060197761585 Cat. No. (VINYL): RNR097LP

When Norwegian baritone saxophonist Kjetil Møster joined forces in the studio with Swedish baritone sax burner Mats Gustafson, Norwegian noise-jazz guitarist Anders Hana (MoHa!, Ultralyd, Noxagt), versatile, powerhouse drummer Greg Saunier (of the San Francisco-based avant-rock band Deerhoof, who participated in the album, but has now been replaced by Børge Fjordheim of Cloroform) and the extraordinary Ethiopian-born experimental singer Sofia Jernberg, the resulting sonic maelstrom was so fresh and ferocious, so daring and audacious, so darkly apocalyptic that The End seemed like the only name for this band of rebels.

Their uncompromising debut on RareNoise, Svårmod Och Vemod Är Värdesinnen (a title whose approximate translation from Swedish into English could be stated as “Dark melancholy and sadness are senses to be valued”), is delivered with sledgehammer authority by the subversive crew.

The two-baritone onslaught of Møster and Gustafsson with the addition of Hana’s baritone guitar provides a low-end assault on Svårmod Och Vemod Är Värdesinnen that feels like a gut-punch to complacency.

Sofia Jernberg : Voice
Mats Gustafsson : Baritone And Tenor Sax, Live Electronics
Kjetil Møster : Baritone And Tenor Sax, Electronics
Anders Hana : Baritone Guitar
Greg Saunier : Drums And Voice

1. Svårmod
2. Vemod
3. Translated Slaughter
4. Don’t Wait
5. Rich And Poor
6. Both Sides Out

1,2 composed by Hana and Gustafsson
3 composed by The End
4 composed by Gustafsson
5,6 composed by Møster
Lyrics on 3, 4 by Gustafsson
Lyrics on 6 by Møster

Published by RareNoisePublishing (PRS)

Produced by The End
Recorded jan 14/15 2018 at Duper Studios, Bergen
Sound Engineer Jørgen Træn
Mixed Feb 2018 at Duper Studios, Bergen by Jørgen Træn, Kjetil Møster, Anders Hana
Mastered Feb 2018 at Duper Studios by Jørgen Træn

Cover Image Svårmod Och Vemod Är Värdesinnen by Edward Jarvis.
Words by Harry Martinson, taken from the poem ‘Svårmodet’ from the poetry collection ‘Passad’ published by Bonniers (1945)

Executive Producer for RareNoiseRecords : Giacomo Bruzzo

© + ℗ RareNoiseRecords 2018

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