Metallic Taste Of Blood


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Artist: Metallic Taste Of Blood EAN 13 (CD): 5060197760229 Cat. No. (CD): RNR024

Metallic Taste Of Blood is an instrumental album brought about by the collective nous of Eraldo Bernocchi on guitars, Jamie Saft (of Electric Masada and New Zion Trio) on pianos and keys, Colin Edwin (of Porcupine Tree) and Balazs Pandi on drums.

Manifestly undefinable, Metallic Taste Of Blood collect very diverse strands and genres of music (metal, dub, avant-jazz and progressive rock primarily) and fuses them into instrumental compositions that tightly straddle what on paper are opposites. Loud and Gentle, distorted and clean, boiling and cold, sweet and salty, as per its own name.

An ever surprising recording, laying the foundations to entire new genres.

Eraldo Bernocchi: guitars, electronics
Colin Edwin: bass guitars, electronics
Balazs Pandi: drums and percussion
Jamie Saft: Piano, Baldwin Electric Harpsichord, UniSynth, Hammond Organs, Synthesizers

3.Glass Chewer
6.King Cockroach
7.Crystals And Wounds
8.Fist Full Of Flies

All compositions by Metallic Taste Of Blood
Published by RareNoisePublishing (PRS), PAIN MANAGEMENT (ASCAP), Monokotunes (BMI)

Produced by Eraldo Bernocchi and Colin Edwin
Recorded at The Place, Italy; Artist Factory, Budapest; Potterville International Sound, NY; Nightspace, UK in 2011

Mixed by Eraldo Bernocchi
Additional production Jamie Saft

Mastered by Vin Cin at Electric Plant, Brooklyn, NY

Cover photos and artwork Petulia Mattioli
Executive Producer for RareNoiseRecords: Giacomo Bruzzo

© + ℗ RareNoiseRecords 2012