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Artist: Meditronica EAN 13 (CD): 5060197760007 Cat. No. (CD): RNR001

Meditronica is the first recording by Anglo-Italian dub master Ashtech (Andrea Nicoletti) and Italian keyboard player Paolo Polcari.

Both historically involved in Italian superband Almamegretta, the two fuse their craft in this recording with collaborators Raiz (singer of Almamegretta), Eraldo Bernocchi and american dubmaster Dub Gabriel to produce a 21st Century Mediterranean Dub masterpiece.

Ashtech : Programming, beats, bass, moog
Polcari : Programming, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Eraldo Bernocchi : Guitars
Dub Gabriel : Strings, programming
Raiz : Vocals
Poppy Kinloch : Vocals

1. Mediterranean Electronics
2. Rainbow Rain
3. Dame Paz
4. Azimuth Navigation
5. Andromeda
6. The Third Planet
7. Ki Eshmera Shabbat
8. Byblos From Above
9. Black Rain
10. Mare Nostrum

Produced by Ashtech
Written, performed and arranged by Ashtech & Polcari
Except tracks 2,4,6,10 by Ashtech, Polcari, Eraldo Bernocchi
Track 8 written by Ashtech, Polcari, Dub Gabriel
Tracks 3,7 written by Ashtech, Polcari, Dub Gabriel, Raiz, Eraldo Bernocchi

Mixed and Dubbed at Glide Studio, London, by Ashtech
Mastered at Turtletone Studio, NYC, by Michael Fossenkemper
Voice on Track 6 recorded at Metatron Studio, London, by Gaudi

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