Gaudi EP


  • VINYL (10″, Heavyweight, White, in transparent PVC slipcase + SD Download)
  • SD Download (16bit/44.1kHz .flac, .mp3)
  • HD Download (24bit/96kHz .flac)
Artist: Gaudi EAN 13 (VINYL): 5060197760977 Cat. No. (VINYL): RNR066LP

This EP is the first direct collaboration between dub master / producer / musician Gaudi and RareNoise. It springs out of a simple (but ambitious) concept: To give Gaudi access to all multitracks in the RareNoise vaults and let him build entire new tracks by combinining individual multitracks from across different releases, then layering his own performance on top, to achieve a sound, that is an ‘essence of RareNoise’.

Side A of this 10” Vinyl EP is home to the track 30Hz Dub Prelude” and there’s no mistaking from the first bar that this one is all about the bass – provided by an unrecognisable transfiguration of underlying RareNoise source catalogue material (multitroriginally featuring artists Colin EdwinTed Parsons, Eraldo Bernocchi and Coppé . Gaudi plays Minimoog, korg MS20 and fender rhodes. The trombone of Brian Allen (member of Brainkiller) draws you in and leads you as it meanders like a liquid brass river through the track.

Side B is a more subdued affair. Electronic Impromptu in E-flat Minor is an evocative time-slip into subjective reverie. A melancholy piece featuring transfigurations of a multitude of source catalogue multitracks originally featuring Bill LaswellLorenzo FeliciatiMasami Akita, Eraldo Bernocchi Alessandro Gwis and Steve Jansen, as Gaudi’s trademark Theremin encompasses all with it’s unmistakable and luring voice. .

“In this project Gaudi has become like the master blender at the whisky distillery … Carefully searching through the warehouses to find the right flavours, taking a hand picked selection of the best spirit of the RareNoise stable and from amongst their individual notes and character, creating his own unique blend – the RareNoise signature malt!”

In parenthesis: Album and Cat.No. from which the particular track/multitrack is taken

30hz dub prelude

GAUDI : minimoog, korg MS20, fender rhodes
COLIN EDWIN : bass (from ‘Twinscapes’ – RNR037)
TED PARSONS : drums (from ‘Doctoring The Dead’)
BRIAN ALLEN : trombone (from ‘Colourless Green Superheroes’ – RNR033)
ERALDO BERNOCCHI : guitar (from ‘The Night Stays’ – RNR016)
COPPE’ : voice (from ‘Colourless Green Superheroes’ – RNR033

Electronic impromptu in E-flat minor

GAUDI : theremin, minimoog, programming
BILL LASWELL : bass (from ‘Mumpbeak’ – RNR035)
STEVE JANSEN : drums (from ‘Koi’ – RNR050)
MASAMI AKITA : electronics (from ‘Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper’ – RNR52)
ALESSANDRO GWIS : piano (from ‘Koi’ – RNR050)
ERALDO BERNOCCHI : guitar (from ‘Arc’ – RNR006)
LORENZO FELICIATI : bass (from ‘Koi’ – RNR050)

Nocturnal sonata (Download Only)

GAUDI: Drum, Piano, Vocal Choir, Minimoog, Korg MS20, Programming.
BILL LASWELL: Bass, Drones (from ‘Torn From Black Space’ – RNR005)
MARK AANDERUD : Piano (from ‘RGB’ – RNR046
BUCKETHEAD: Guitar Noises (from ‘Torn From Black Space’ – RNR005)
MARTIN SHULTE: Electronics, Programming (from ‘Silent Stars’ – RNR011)
HERNAN HECHT: Drums (from ‘The Infiltration’ – RNR010)