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Planet MicroJam (Download - HD FLAC)

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Only Available as Full Album Download

Be Aware, this is a VERY LARGE DOWNLOAD (1.1 GB)

This is the High Resolution FLAC (LOSSLESS STUDIO MASTER Quality (24bit/96KHz)) digital release of Planet MicroJam by David Fiuczynski. Combining his ongoing interests in microtonality, jazz harmony, ethnic folk melodies and groove, guitar visionary and Berklee College of Music educator David “Fuze” Fiuczynski has arrived at the global crossroads on Planet MicroJam. Featuring Jack DeJohnette and Kenwood Dennard as guests on drums.

Description Length File Size Format Quantity Price
PMJ - Full Album - HD - FLAC 60:51 1.1GB HD FLAC £9.99

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