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Owls is the moniker chosen by british neofolk artist Tony Wakeford and italian Eraldo Bernocchi and Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari to vehiculate their musical creations in the realm of dark trip/hop, new wave and neofolk

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The Night Stays

The Night Stays is Owls' first recording on RareNoiseRecords. it is an album of dark trip-folk ballads featuring the eerie goth-esque vocals of english neofolk musicians Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus), the subtle electronics and powerful guitars of Eraldo Bernocchi (of Obake, Winter Garden and other RareNoiseRecords releases) and further vocal manipulation and electronic textures by Italian singer Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (of Obake).

The Night Stays combines elecrified folk melodic lines with dark trip-hop beats and dark ambient atmospherics all enveloped by Tony Wakeford dark and melanchonic singing. 


"Imagine Sol Invictus crossed with "Fragile"-era Nine Inch Nails. I've been enjoying this immensely"

"An impressive and very nice listening from these veteran musicians, definitely recommended for fans of the more recent output of the artists involved" Heather Harvest

"Un'ondata dark travolgente" Alias

"Dieci lente e vigorose ballate che non sarebbero dispiaciute a Johnny Cash" Rumore

The Night Stays (CD)
The Night Stays (CD)
The Night Stays (Download - FLAC)
The Night Stays (Download - FLAC)
The Night Stays (Download - MP3)
The Night Stays (Download - MP3)
The Night Stays (Double LP)
The Night Stays (Double LP)