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MTOB (Download - HD FLAC)

Price: £9.99

Only Available as Full Album Download

Be Aware, this is a VERY LARGE DOWNLOAD (1.2 GB)

This is the High Resolution FLAC (LOSSLESS STUDIO MASTER Quality (24bit/96KHz)) digital release of Metallic Taste of Blood - Eraldo Bernocchi (Obake, Winter Garden), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, Ex-Wise Heads), Jamie Saft (Masada, New Zion Trio) and Balazs Pandi (Obake, Merzbow, Otto Von Schirach).

Description Length File Size Format Quantity Price
MTOB - Full Album - HD - FLAC 57:13 1.2 GB HD FLAC £9.99

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