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Method Of Defiance


Method Of Defiance is one of Bill Laswell's longer term "vehicles" for the exploration of colliding musical genres (as are Material and Praxis). In this case the juxtaposition of drum'n bass, dub, electronica and jazz.

After two releases featuring primarily Laswell, Guy Licata and DJ Submerged (Brutal Calling and The Only Way Is Down) and one "multi-guest" release ("Inamorata") and a succesful live performance in Greece in 2006, Method Of Defiance became a true "band" with the inclusion of Toshinori Kondo, Dr Israel and Bernie Worrell and started touring Japan.

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Method of Defiance is the original moniker chosen by the musician's musician, the legendary Bill Laswell for his more extreme dub/jazz/drum'n'bass forays. Nihon (on CD and DVD) captures the ensemble live in Tokyo in 2007 as Laswell, keyboard and organ master Bernie Worrell, electric trumpet innovator Toshinori Kondo, dubmaster Dr Israel and drummer Guy Licata set the stage alight.

The album is a fusion of musical genres, including drum'n bass, dub, dancehall, rock, electronica and others still to be categorised.

"It's a fascinating project, one that's dense, dark, probing and upredictable, but altogether rewarding for those prepared to take a leap out of their usual comfort zone" ****1/2 Echoes

"Challenging listening, incorporating Jazz, Drum'n Bass, screeching guitars and Dub"

Nihon (2-Disc CD+DVD)
Nihon (2-Disc CD+DVD)
Nihon (Download - FLAC)
Nihon (Download - FLAC)
Nihon (Download - MP3)
Nihon (Download - MP3)