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Martin Schulte


Marat Shibaev (a.k.a.  Martin Schulte) hails from Kazan in Tatarstan and speaks the language of Basic Channel, Clicks n' Cuts and Glitch, enhanced with dub - hence the moniker for the genre he operates in - dub-techno

Martin Schulte has been quite prolific over recent years with releases like Odysseia, On The Moon, Depth of Soul and Treasure garnering both attention and praise from his evergrowing group of supporters.

Spotted by Eraldo Bernocchi, he was asked to record for RareNoiseRecords in 2010, and Silent Stars is the result.

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Silent Stars

Silent Stars is Tatarstan's own Marat Shibaev (a.k.a. Martin Schulte) latest statement in the world of Minimal Dub-Techno.

Its roots dig deep in the legacy of Basic Channel (Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus) as it does in the School of Clicks And Cuts and Glitch (Oval) but adds a very personal density that comes with the justaposition to dark dub. The result is a soundtrack to midnight underwater trance.

Silent Stars (CD)
Silent Stars (CD)
Silent Stars (Download - FLAC)
Silent Stars (Download - FLAC)
Silent Stars (Download - MP3)
Silent Stars (Download - MP3)