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Dust Yang Ming Has Passed
Naked Truth - Ouroboros

"Impressive and Brilliant" PROG

"It’s rare to hear a collective that reeks of influences yet somehow manages to be original" Downbeat****

"Post-Miles Music of High Drama" JazzWise

"Mysteriously Beautiful Experience" CriticalJazz.com (Naked Truth is Band Of The Year)

"Darkly Kaleidoscopic" New York Music Daily

"The clarity and intelligence behind Ouroboros marks a real advance relative to Naked Truth's previous work. But it also creates a backward link to a Miles Davis classic in a way that shines a light on a hitherto undetected family tree, back through lots of electronica and metal, by way of Weather Report and the Headhunters, to the lost continent of Agharta." AllAboutJazz US

"Magnifico" AllAboutJazz Italia

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