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Metallic Taste Of Blood

Metallic Taste Of Blood is

Eraldo Bernocchi - guitars

Colin Edwin - bass

Jamie Saft - piano / keyboards

Balazs Pandi - drums

"It is a staggering piece of work" ThisIsNotAScene

"If you crave intelligent, forward thinking, original and downright unsettling music than the self-titled effort by Metallic Taste Of Blood should satisfy your every need. This is sheer musical bliss. Utterly breathtaking!" Hellbound

"What is on display here is a cosmic jam of epic and meandering proportions. Layered with all manner of digital effects, the music veers from the chilled and piano-led to the full on jazzy skronk and petulant toddler nightmare of Zu and Obake" Ninehertz

"un sentire musicale estremamente ricettivo, aperto, trasversale e ricercato, nel quale il concetto di avanguardia non si oppone a quello di fruibilità, ma si arricchisce di contaminazioni egualmente provenienti dalla musica colta, da quella estrema e da quella semi-improvvisata" SentireAscoltare

"Dieci strumentali di gran classe ed inventiva, a dimostrazione che un nuovo prog non derivativo e' possible" Rumore (7/10)

"Metallic Taste Of Blood brings together arch six-string experimentalist Eraldo Bernocchi with Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin, percussive noise soldier Balazs Pandi and keyboardist and avant-jazz alumni Jamie Saft. An intriguing collaboration in theory, and even more mind-boggling in practice. It's a dark and maze-like scramble through ever-changing instrumental soundscapes" Prog

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