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Planet MicroJam

Planet MicroJam is

David Fiuczynski- fretted, fretless, quartertone and 6th tone guitars

Jack DeJohnette - drums

Kenwood Dennard - drums

David Radley - violin

Evgeny Lebedev - microtonal keyboards

Jovol Bell - drums

David Ginyard - fretless bass

Erik Kerr - drums

Takeru Yamazaki - microtonal keyboards

"...This is some righteous stuff! ... Planet Microjam is a guaranteed mind blower for guitar fans and theory geeks alike. Going outside the box is indeed a good thing..." CriticalJazz

"With such a deft alloy of so many inputs coming from so many different places musically, the microtones aren’t nearly the only thing that makes Planet Microjam such a peculiar record, but it’s the thing that ties it all together. You’re not likely to find another record out this year that rates so high on both the weirdness and artistic scales as this one." SomethinElse

"an album full of microtonal groove power" Rockarolla

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