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Flam Gagaku Chord Candy Uira Happy Jam (w. Rudresh Mahanthappa)
Flam Blam

Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam! is the new RareNoise release by guitar polymath David Fiuczynski

Inspired by Olivier Messiaen's music and ornithological interests, by JDilla's flam beats and microtonal harmonies from the Asian subcontinent

Flam! Blam! is a new reference in Fiuczynski's Planet MicroJam book of compositions.

David Fiuczynski - fretted, fretless guitars, programming, percussion

helen Sherrah-Davies- violin

Yazhi Guo - suona (oboe) and Chinese percussion

Utar Artun - microtonal keyboards, Fender rhodes

Jake Sherman - microtonal keyboards, Fender rhodes

Justin Schornstein - fretless and fretted bass

Alex 'BisQuitT' Bailey - drums, bells, percussion

Special Guest: Rudresh Mahanthappa - alto saxophone

Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam! will be released as CD Digipack, Single Vinyl 180gm (Yellow) and several digital formats on March 25th 2016. Pre-Ordes are open now.

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