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MikroJazz (Neue Expressionistische Musik)


On Mikrojazz, their cutting edge joint project for RareNoise Records, German saxophonist Philipp Gerschlauer and guitarist David Fiuczynski explore the world of music that falls between the cracks of the tempered scale. Joined by jazz drumming legend Jack DeJohnette, fretless electric bassist Matt Garrison and microtonal keyboardist Giorgi Mikadze, this daring crew creates dreamy, otherworldly soundscapes on tunes by Gerschlauer like aptly-titled Hangover and LaMonte’s Gamelan Jam along with a swinging microtonal tune “Mikro Steps“ and other originals like Fiuczynski’s MiCroY Tyner, Zirkus Macabre and Lullaby Nightmare.

Fiuczynski, who heads up the Planet MicroJam Institute at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, previously released two microtonal recordings on RareNoise — 2012’s Planet MicroJam, PMJ 600600 72 FINALwhich opened a Pandora’s Box on non-Western tuning, and 2016’s Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam!, FLAMBLAM 600600 72which was jointly dedicated to 20th century classical composer Olivier Messiaen and innovative hip-hop record producer JDilla. Gerschlauer, who was inspired by French composer Gérard Grisey and Paul Desmond had been independently exploring the world of microtonal music in Berlin and New York before developing a method of dividing an octave (12 notes in equal temperament) into 128 notes on the alto saxophone.

Kindred spirits Fiuczynski and Gerschlauer dive headlong into the microtonal pool on Mikrojazz and are ably supported in their explorations by the empathetic crew of DeJohnette, Garrison and Mikadze. As an added visual treat, each piece on Mikrojazz, which is subtitled Neue Expressionistische Musik, meaning ‘new expressionist music’, is paired with expressionist paintings by the likes of Georg Grosz, George Grosz - Circe the loveliest of all immortalsEmil Nolde, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, August Macke, Egon SchieleEgon Schiele - Die Umarmung, Max Beckmann, Otto Dix, Jean Michel Basquiat and more. “Both Philipp and I grew up in Germany and expressionist painting is an influence, certainly for me,” said Fiuczynski.

I do consider myself to be a Black German expressionist and those paintings are major influences. Jean Michel Basquiat - StardustThe jagged forms, the intense colors and the African-American elements (Basquiat) and other non-Western elements that influenced many German expressionists are kind of a visual summary of what I do. I feel very ‘Black'' when listening to James Brown or playing with Jack DeJohnette, but I feel very 'German' when injecting microtonality and jagged lines and so forth. It’s a personal thing, I don’t have a rationale for this, I'm just reacting.”

“So Mikrojazz is about our affinity with expressionism, something that's been close to my heart for a while,”

Fiuczynski said of his joint effort with Gerschlauer. “I love painting in general, but particularly expressionist painting. We've paired paintings with our music in a very intuitive manner, based more on emotions than literal or direct connections. It’s literally a personal EXPRESSION of our music and art.”

Cat.No. : RNR083 (CD) / RNR083LP (VINYL)




1 MikroSteps 4:43  
2 Für Mary Wigman 7:02
3 Lullaby Nightmare 3:37
4 MiCrOY Tyner 7:31
5 Umarmung 5:05
6 Last Chance 4:26
7 November 6:48
8 Hangover 7:57
9 LaMonte’s Gamelan Jam 6:32
10 Walking Not Flying 2:57
11 Sofia Im Türkischen Café 3:44
12 Zirkus Macabre 3:21

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