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Double EP (Download - MP3)

Price: £3.99

Single track download £0.79

BPre-Order the the first .mp3 (lossy Ipod Quality) RareNoise release by Free Nelson MandoomJazz. This first release is a double EP featuring the bands first two EP efforts, "The Shape Of DoomJazz To Come" and "Saxophone Giganticus"

Description Length File Size Format Quantity Price
01 Where My Soul Can Be Free 7:07 14.1MB MP3 £0.79
02 Into The Sky 7:44 14.8MB MP3 £0.79
03 The Masque Of The Red Death 8:51 17.9MB MP3 £0.79
04 Nobody Fucking Posts To The UAE 6:11 11.2MB MP3 £0.79
05 K54 4:46 8.7MB MP3 £0.79
06 Saxophone Giganticus 8:03 15.6MB FLAC £0.79
07 Black Sabbath 4:29 8.8MB MP3 £0.79
Double EP - Full Album - MP3 47:08 91.3MB MP3 £3.99

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