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Death Cube K


Death Cube K is both a Franz Kafka-themed bar in William Gibson's novel Idoru and the anagram of Buckethead - the stage name of one of the greatest and most surreal guitarists alive.

Known for his guitar-shredding abilities (which earned him stints with Guns'n Roses), his obsession which chicken, themeparks and robots, his remarkable attire, which involves a white mask and a KFC bucket, his onstage use of nunchaku whilst soloing on his guitar, his allround excentric but cult-inducing persona and his wide list of remarkable collaborations (Bill Laswell, Les Claypool, Viggo Mortensen and many wonderful others), Buckethead records his dark ambient projects under the moniker Death Cube K (originally a ploy to avoid record company contractual strictures).

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Torn From Black Space

Torn From Black Space is the latest dark ambient exploration by guitarist-freak-extraordinaire Buckethead (who signs all such works by his anagram-moniker Death Cube K).

Here he is accompanied by bassmeister and production guru Bill Laswell (whose collaborations with Buckethead are the stuff of legend) and NYC dark drum'n'bass explorer DJ Submerged.

Torn From Black Space is a Dante-esque journey through the nether regions of a brooding mind.

"Strange and creepy, yet focused and cohesive, it sounds like the soundtrack to an as-yet unwritten David Lynch movie" Kerrang

"It's like noise heard on the edge of a coma, as you lie there paralysed watching things trailing past in slow motion. This is quite terrifying stuff" Prog

"Does a very effective job in dragging the willing listener into the sonic abyss" RockSound

Torn From Black Space (CD)
Torn From Black Space (CD)
Torn From Black Space (Download - FLAC)
Torn From Black Space (Download - FLAC)
Torn From Black Space (Download - MP3)
Torn From Black Space (Download - MP3)