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Cuts (Download - MP3)

Price: £3.79

Single track download £0.79

This is the MP3 (COMPRESSED CD-Quality (16bit/44.1KHz)) digital release of Merzbow's, Mats Gustafsson's and Balazs Pandi's first studio effort : Cuts. Be prepared to be shaken, very very shaken.

Description Length File Size Format Quantity Price
01 evil knives. lines. 17:57 35.4MB MP3 £0.79
02 deep lines. cuts. 19:10 43.4MB MP3 £0.79
03 the fear too. invisible. 7:37 16.9MB MP3 £0.79
04 like razor blades in the dark. 6:20 12.9MB MP3 £0.79
05 like me. like you. 20:53 46MB MP3 £0.79
Cuts - Full Album - MP3 71:59 154MB MP3 £3.79

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