WorldService Project

© Emma Stone

Following in the tradition of such renegade composers as Frank Zappa, Charles Mingus, Igor Stravinsky and Harrison BertwhistleDave Morecroft seeks a spot in the musical firmament that is decidedly left of center. And as keyboardist and principal composer for the edgy London-based avant-funk-jazz quintet WorldService Project, he is striking a blow on the head of musical complacency.

After ‘Relentless‘ in 2010 and ‘Fire In A Pet Shop‘ in 2013, WorldService Project released their first punk-jazz album, aptly titled For King & Country on RareNoise in 2016.

They followed it up in 2018 with another powerful punk-jazz manifesto, Serve. Once again, showcasing their signature blend of discipline and chaos, the edgy London-based avant-punk-funk quintet combines throbbing grooves, huge backbeats, grinding fuzz-bass onslaughts and ferocious free blowing on eight potent tracks, with just a dash of Monty Pythonesque irreverence thrown into the mix.