Naked Truth Artists 1

Naked Truth

Naked Truth are Lorenzo Feliciati on bass, Pat Mastelotto on drums, Roy Powell on hammond, fender and prepared piano and Graham Haynes on electrified cornet. This new lineup, featured on their latest RareNoise release Ouroboros, coalesced at the end of 2011 as original trumpet player Cuong […]

New Zion Trio Artists 2

New Zion Trio

In recent years, Jamie Saft’s signature musician-polymath touch has graced numerous recordings released by RareNoise, spanning a high dimensional manifold of genres, from the microtonal metal of Slobber Pup’s Black Aces, Pole Axe and The […]

O.R.k. Artists 3


Following on the heels of 2015’s captivating Inflamed Rides, the members of the powerful collective O.R.k., lead singer Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (a.k.a. Lef), Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin, Marta Sui Tubi guitarist Carmelo Pipitone and King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto — were […]

Obake Artists 4


OBAKE is a word which refers to a class of Yokai, preternatural creatures of japanese folklore; the term’s strict translation is “A Thing That Changes” or “Shapeshifter” but is often also loosely taken to mean “Ghost” […]

Owls Artists 5


Owls is the moniker chosen by british neofolk artist Tony Wakeford and italian Eraldo Bernocchi and Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari to vehiculate their musical creations in the realm of dark trip/hop, new wave and neofolk

Parched Artists 6


Parched is the moniker chosen by guitarist and experimenter extraordinaire Eraldo Bernocchi and guitarist Davide Tiso (of Ephel Duath fame) to write and record ambient guitar soundscapes.

Perelman, Morris and Pándi Artists 7

Perelman, Morris and Pándi

One brings together the potent forces of Brazilian tenor saxophonist and prolific free jazz icon Ivo Perelman, veteran bassist-guitarist Joe Morris (a ubiquitous figure on the avant garde jazz scene, making his recorded debut on […]

Plymouth Artists 9


Following on the heels of their successful collaboration on 2013‘s Slobber Pup, one of their most intense releases for RareNoise, keyboardist Jamie Saft and guitarist Joe Morris reunited for another potent and provocative offering in […]

Red Kite Artists 10

Red Kite

Concocting a head-rush tempest of swirling psychedelia, heavy rock crunch, prog virtuosity and free-jazz experimentation, Norwegian jazz-rock power quartet Red Kite releases its highly anticipated self-titled debut. The exploratory and electrifying supergroup features members of some of […]

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