Eraldo Bernocchi, Prakash Sontakke Artists 1

Eraldo Bernocchi, Prakash Sontakke

On his latest RareNoise release, the one-time Italian punk guitarist and current experimental musician-producer-sound designer Eraldo Bernocchi joins Indian slide guitar master Prakash Sontakke for a rare encounter on the sublimely beautiful Invisible Strings. A melding of East and West, Bernocchi plays […]

Francesco Guerri Artists 2

Francesco Guerri

The music of Italian cellist Francesco Guerri obliterates the line between contemporary classical music and free improvisation, sculpting spontaneous invention into startling, unpredictable compositions. On his striking third album, Su Mimmi non si spara!, Guerri […]

Free Nelson Mandoomjazz Artists 3

Free Nelson Mandoomjazz

Free Nelson Mandoomjazz are a three-piece band formed in Edinburgh playing an experimental blend of doom metal and free jazz. Influenced principally by artists such as Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sun Ra, Sonny Rollins, Albert Ayler and Wayne Shorter, they term […]

Gaudi Artists 4


MAGNETIC is the exciting new album by London based music producer / musician GAUDI, which features a choice selection of sounds from the catalogue of internationally respected experimental label RareNoiseRecords, as well as direct contributions by several top caliber musicians from the worlds […]

Interstatic Artists 5


Seamlessly combining elements of jazz, experimental, ambient and rock, the scintillating power trio of expatriate Brit organist Roy Powell, Norwegian guitarist Jacob Young and Norwegian drummer Jarle Vespestad extends the organ trio tradition established by Jimmy Smith and taken to […]

Jamie Saft Artists 6

Jamie Saft

One of the most prolific artists in the RareNoise roster, Jamie Saft has appeared on recordings by such groups as Metallic Taste of Blood, Slobber Pup, Plymouth, Red Hill, The Spanish Donkey and Berserk! as well as on collaborations […]

Joshua Trinidad Artists 7

Joshua Trinidad

Denver-based trumpeter-composer Joshua Trinidad makes a strikingly original statement on his RareNoise  debut, In November. Recorded in Giske, Norway, this highly evocative trio outing features the adventurous Norwegian guitarist-composer and ECM recording artist Jacob Young (of InterStatic) and drummer Stale Liavik Solberg, […]

Led Bib Artists 8

Led Bib

Easily the most adventurous and audacious outfit on today’s UK jazz scene, Led Bib has built a reputation over the course of seven albums for expansive improvisations and treks into genre-defying music of throbbing intensity.  Explosive enough […]

Lef Artists 9


Singer-composer and all-round polimath Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (a.k.a Lef) has been a recurrent fixture of RareNoise’s catalogue, a relationship that has grown and developed constantly from the very early days of the label. His voice was first […]

Liebman, Rudolph, Drake Artists 10

Liebman, Rudolph, Drake

In the philosophical tradition of Taoism, “Chi” is the word used to describe the animating force of the universe, the breath of life that permeates all existence. A natural phenomenon, when channeled it can provide […]

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