WorldService Project Artists 1

WorldService Project

© Emma Stone Following in the tradition of such renegade composers as Frank Zappa, Charles Mingus, Igor Stravinsky and Harrison Bertwhistle, Dave Morecroft seeks a spot in the musical firmament that is decidedly left of center. And as […]

The Jerry Granelli Trio Artists 3

The Jerry Granelli Trio

Photography © Scott Irvine Over the course of a career spanning six decades, drummer Jerry Granelli has worked with many of the greatest artists across the full spectrum of jazz and beyond. On The Jerry […]

Sonar w. David Torn Artists 4

Sonar w. David Torn

“Had MC Escher made music instead of drawing impossible and perplexing perspectives, it would sound like Sonar” is how writer Sid Smith once assessed the Swiss-based band’s work. (Sid Smith) The music created by Stephan […]

Sophie Tassignon Artists 5

Sophie Tassignon

Photography © Katrin Andrzejewski Over the past 20 years Sophie Tassignon‘s voice has been heard in a variety of contexts, from avant-garde jazz and free improvisation to theatrical performance and electroacoustic music. She’s released eight […]

Giorgi Mikadze Artists 6

Giorgi Mikadze

Classically trained in his native Tbilisi, Giorgi Mikadze didn’t set out to explore the music of the country he’d just left when he arrived at Berklee. It was in part the influence of peers and […]

Previte, Saft, Cline Artists 7

Previte, Saft, Cline

When future generations listen back to the sounds of this still young millennium, what music will remain to define the era? Master improvisers Bobby Previte, Jamie Saft and Nels Cline make their bid for immortality […]

Anguish Artists 9


The dark, impossibly intense dirges, industrial noise onslaughts and banshee-like free jazz wailing heard throughout Anguish could be an imposing soundtrack for a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future. This powerhouse, inter-generational offering and RareNoise debut brings together […]

Animation Artists 10


Animation is the band originally founded in 1998 by multiple Grammy winner Bob Belden and Tim Hagans, which over the years featured musicians of the caliber of Scott Kinsey (of TribalTech), Matt Garrison, KJ Sawka (now with Pendulum), DJ Logic, Guy Licata (of Method of […]

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