Anguish Artists 2


The dark, impossibly intense dirges, industrial noise onslaughts and banshee-like free jazz wailing heard throughout Anguish could be an imposing soundtrack for a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future. This powerhouse, inter-generational offering and RareNoise debut brings together […]

Animation Artists 3


Animation is the band originally founded in 1998 by multiple Grammy winner Bob Belden and Tim Hagans, which over the years featured musicians of the caliber of Scott Kinsey (of TribalTech), Matt Garrison, KJ Sawka (now with Pendulum), DJ Logic, Guy Licata (of Method of […]

Bernocchi, Budd and Guthrie Artists 4

Bernocchi, Budd and Guthrie

Eraldo Bernocchi, Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie‘s meeting of the spirits for a collaboration which has hitherto yielded two magnificent live performances – in a 19th Century power station on the outskirts of Milan (Centrale Taccani) and […]

Bernocchi, Quail, FM Einheit Artists 5

Bernocchi, Quail, FM Einheit

Experimental Italian guitarist, electro-producer and sound designer  Eraldo Bernocchi joins forces with percussionist FM Einheit (a founder of the influential German industrial group Einstürzende Neubauten) and London-based cellist Jo Quail on Rosebud, a compelling mix of tranquil ambient sounds and pummeling industrial onslaughts. […]

Berserk! Artists 6


berserk |ber’zerk; -?’serk| – adjectivefrenzied, raving, wild, out of control, amok, on the rampage, frantic, crazy, raging, insane, out of one’s mind, hysterical, mad, crazed, maniacal, manic; informal–bananas, bonkers, nuts, loco, The first-ever collaboration between Italian […]

Bill Brovold, Jamie Saft Artists 7

Bill Brovold, Jamie Saft

Jamie Saft has been a significant presence on RareNoise since the label’s inception: as band leader on New Zion w. Cyro’s Sunshine Seas (on piano, analogue keyboards, bass and guitar with percussionist Cyro Baptista) and […]

Bobby Previte Artists 8

Bobby Previte

As widely renowned for his unerring, intuitive grooves behind the kit as he is for his eclecticism as a composer and bandleader, Bobby Previte first worked with RareNoise through his association with Jamie Saft and Steve Swallow. […]

Brainkiller Artists 9


Brainkiller (originally a wordplay on the names of its two original members) is a funambolic jazz-prog trio with american Brian Allen on trombone, Jacob Koller on fender rhodes and piano and argentinean drummer Hernan Hecht to provide polyrhythmic intent. Originally a duo, […]

Chat Noir Artists 10

Chat Noir

The adventurous trio Chat Noir has for the past 12 years defied easy categorization with its organic mix of ambient music, electronic textures as well as chamber music and jazz. Their singular approach to the […]

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