Around 2005 Mexican-born pianist-composer Mark Aanderud (now living in Barcelona) began playing with Argentinian drummer Hernan Hecht. Their chemistry was immediate and natural, eventually leading to the formation of Molé, a vehicle to explore their common interests.

After exploring their tight duet chemistry together on gigs, Aanderud and Hecht began inviting other musicians into their inner circle to see how it affected their music.

To date, those musicians who have stepped into Molé’s inner circle have included American saxophonist Tim Berne, Israeli saxophonist Eli Degibri, Austrian saxophonist Edith Lettner, American guitarists Jonathan Kreisberg and Mike Moreno, Mexican bassists Aaron Cruz and Marco Renteria.

Mole’s hard-hitting 2012 RareNoise debut, What Is the Meaning?, featured Mexican upright bassist (and Aanderud’s boyhood friend) Jorge “Luri” Molina and New York guitarist David Gilmore, whose impressive list of credits includes tours and recordings with the likes of Wayne Shorter, Trilok Gurtu, Don Byron and Steve Coleman’s Five Elements.

On RGB, with bassist Stomu Takeishi affecting the overall vibe with his intuitive genius, things opened up and became more conversational and telepathic in the process.