Metallic Taste Of Blood

Metallic Taste Of Blood’s original lineup was Eraldo Bernocchi, Colin Edwin, Jamie Saft and Balazs Pandi. The history of this collaboration harks back to Colin Edwin‘s appreciation of one of Eraldo Bernocchi‘s releases on RareNoise (Arc by Parched) an ambient guitar duo with Davide Tiso. Reciprocal compliments swiftly turned into a desire to create something together. Balazs Pandi‘s name was soon thereafter floated as an ideal rhythm section complement and finally Jamie Saft was invited to the fray, with surprising results.

Metallic Taste Of Blood then reformed for a second and more intensely focused album, Doctoring The Dead; the new formations always contemplates Eraldo Bernocchi and Colin Edwin at its core, but sees drummer Balazs Pandi replaced by legend Ted Parsons (of Swan, Prong, Killing Joke, Godflesh and Jesu)  supported by Roy Powell on keyboards (of InterStatic and Naked Truth)