Magnet Animals

On the heels of his A Love Electric trilogy and subsequent song project, Man With No Country, guitarist-composer-poet-lyricist C Todd Clouser joins forces with drummer Jorge Servin and the potent one-two punch of Abraxas guitarist Eyal Maoz and bassist Shanir Blumenkranz in forming Magnet Animals.

Their slamming and startlingly unique debut, Butterfly Killer, full of skronking noise guitars of blast furnace intensity and stream of conscious raps over righteous riffs and humungous backbeats, stands as one of the most strangely compelling outings in the extensive and wildly eclectic catalog of RareNoise. From the opening salvo of Headphone Girls to the jarring punk-funk of Martha Fever the eerie Ennio Morricone-styled spaghetti western vibe of I Give Up And Love Somebody and the sinister title track, Butterfly Killer sidesteps convention at every turn while boldly stepping to a different kind of muse.

Throw in a B-52s-styled ‘80s dance party number (Igual, Pero Peor), a throbbing jam with a haunting, an evangelist preacher styled incantation (Little John The Liar) and an ode to a late junkie author/hipster (Bill Burroughs) and you have one of the most daring, fully self-realized creations of the current year. Credit Clouser with creating the vehicle for such a powerful statement to take place.