Photography © Manuele Geromini

“My teenage dream was to compose my own music and to do my own thing, but as I made a name for myself as a composer and a pianist, the teenage dream disappeared. I’ve been fortunate to make my living as a musician – in Italy that’s like winning the lottery. But two years ago I finally decided to go into my home studio and start creating with no commission at all, just for myself.”

Rossano Baldini

Under his own name, Rossano Baldini has enjoyed a career as a renowned composer for film and television; a jazz pianist and keyboardist who has recorded with the likes of Gianluca Petrella, Michele Rabbia and Pierpaolo Ranieri; and a performer with the revered, Oscar-winning composer Nicola Piovani as well as the most esteemed orchestras in his native Italy.

His latest project represents a rebirth of sorts, necessitating a new name: HUMANBEING.

Establishing a wholly new persona as an electronic composer/performer, HUMANBEING finds Baldini reconnecting with his own, long-dormant vision while striking out in stunning new directions. His self-titled debut album, is a unique hybrid of the organic and the technological, delving deep into the composer’s essential humanity by way of evocative synthetic soundscapes. It’s a timely reinvention, occurring at a moment when we’ve all been starkly reminded of our biological natures at the same time as we’re more interconnected than ever in the virtual realm.

HUMANBEING manifests itself as a deep multimedia collaboration between Rossano Baldini (music, most instruments) Carmine Iuvone (cello on one track), Manuele Geronimi (photography), Federico Brugia (video), Ian Anderson (design).