The Jerry Granelli Trio Artists 1

The Jerry Granelli Trio

Photography © Scott Irvine Over the course of a career spanning six decades, drummer Jerry Granelli has worked with many of the greatest artists across the full spectrum of jazz and beyond. On The Jerry […]

Sophie Tassignon Artists 2

Sophie Tassignon

Photography © Katrin Andrzejewski Over the past 20 years Sophie Tassignon‘s voice has been heard in a variety of contexts, from avant-garde jazz and free improvisation to theatrical performance and electroacoustic music. She’s released eight […]

Previte, Saft, Cline Artists 3

Previte, Saft, Cline

When future generations listen back to the sounds of this still young millennium, what music will remain to define the era? Master improvisers Bobby Previte, Jamie Saft and Nels Cline make their bid for immortality […]

Giorgi Mikadze Artists 4

Giorgi Mikadze

Classically trained in his native Tbilisi, Giorgi Mikadze didn’t set out to explore the music of the country he’d just left when he arrived at Berklee. It was in part the influence of peers and […]

Francesco Guerri Artists 5

Francesco Guerri

The music of Italian cellist Francesco Guerri obliterates the line between contemporary classical music and free improvisation, sculpting spontaneous invention into startling, unpredictable compositions. On his striking third album, Su Mimmi non si spara!, Guerri […]

Sean Noonan Pavees Dance Artists 7

Sean Noonan Pavees Dance

A drummer and composer whose music enthusiastically defies category, Sean Noonan prefers the title Rhythmic Storyteller – an apt description for a modern-day sonic griot who spins imaginative yarns in the ancient tradition of wandering minstrels while […]

Red Kite Artists 8

Red Kite

Concocting a head-rush tempest of swirling psychedelia, heavy rock crunch, prog virtuosity and free-jazz experimentation, Norwegian jazz-rock power quartet Red Kite releases its highly anticipated self-titled debut. The exploratory and electrifying supergroup features members of some of […]

Marilyn Mazur Artists 9

Marilyn Mazur

In 1978, Danish percussion master Marilyn Mazur founded the bold, innovative Primi Band, an all-female music-theater ensemble that drew from a deep well of primal energy and experimental audacity. Four decades later, Mazur reinvents the core concepts in […]

Liebman, Rudolph, Drake Artists 10

Liebman, Rudolph, Drake

In the philosophical tradition of Taoism, “Chi” is the word used to describe the animating force of the universe, the breath of life that permeates all existence. A natural phenomenon, when channeled it can provide […]

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