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Arise (Download - MP3)

Price: £4.49

Single track download £0.79

BUY the compressed (.mp3) Ipod-Quality Digital Download release of Arise, the second RareNoise release by InterStatic, the trio formed by Roy Powell (of Naked Truth) on Hammond Organ, Jacob Young (Mathias Eick, Trygve Seim) on guitar and Jarle Vespestad (SuperSilent, Tord Gustavsen) on drums -Psychedelic Nordic Blues-Jazz-Rock for the 21st century.

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Description Length File Size Format Quantity Price
01 Doozy Mugwump Blues 5:42 11.2MB MP3 £0.79
02 Caerbannog 5:21 11MB MP3 £0.79
03 Alpha Dog 4:11 8.5MB FLAC £0.79
04 Iwato 4:49 9.5MB MP3 £0.79
05 Frank'll Fix It 5:55 12MB MP3 £0.79
06 In The Beginning 4:55 9.9MB FLAC £0.79
07 Alexa 4:46 9.7MB MP3 £0.79
08 Wonderfall 4:27 8.8MB MP3 £0.79
09 Doozy (reprise) 5:32 10.8MB MP3 £0.79
Arise - Full Album - MP3 45:37 91.4MB MP3 £4.49

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