Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 1

Now in its seventh year, Leap Of Faith is the backbone of every year’s release cycle: it enables curious, enamoured listeners to secure all of the year’s releases, to receive them as soon as we receive them ourselves and to support RareNoise in its effort to promote progressive sounds and artists worldwide.

The releases

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 2

Magnet Animals

Fake Dudes

Alt-rock quartet of Todd Clauser, Eyal Maoz, Shanir E. Blumenkranz and Jorge Servin present the follow up to 2016’s Butterfly Killer.

Expected Release Date : 26th March

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 3

Three-Layer Cake

Stove Top

Three-Layer Cake are guitar and banjo innovator Brandon Seabrook, bass legend Mike Watt and drummer Mike Pride (part of The Spanish Donkey)

Expected Release Date : April 30th

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 4

Human Being

Human Being is the new electronic persona / project of Italian composer and pianist Rossano Baldini.

Expected Release Date : 14th May

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 5

J.Peter Schwalm & Markus Reuter


After last year’s Neuzeit (w. Arve Henriksen), J.Peter Schwalm returns with a new collaboration with renowned composer and guitarist Markus Reuter, as well as the participation of Sophie Tassignon.

Expected Release Date : 28th May

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 6

Jo Berger Myhre

Unheimlich Manoeuvre

The first solo album by Norwegian producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Expected Release Date : June

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 7

New Album (Title TBC)

return with their third RareNoise release, after JÜ Meets Møster and Summa.

Expected Release date : June

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 8

Mike Pride Trio (w. Jamie Saft and Brad Jones)

I Hate Work

Mike Pride returns with a mind-boggling release spanning Jazz and Punk, inspired by the music of punk legends MDC and featuring Dave Dictor, Mick Barr, JG Thirlwell, Sam Mickens)

Expected release date : September

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 9

J.Peter Schwalm, Stephan Thelen, Eivind Aarset, Tim Harries, Manuel Pasquinelli

Title TBC

Expected Release Date : September

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 10

Red Kite

Title TBC

Norwegian powerhouse group of guitarist Even Helte Hermansen, bassist Trond Frønes, keyboardist Bernt André Moen and drummer Torstein Lofthus returns with a new album after their eponymous release of 2019.

Expected release Date : October

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 11

Mats Gustafsson, Goran Kajfeš, Luc Ex, Hamid Drake

Title TBC

Expected Release Date : October

Take a Leap Of Faith into 2021 12

Giorgi Mikadze, David Fiuczynski

Microjam reimagined

Expected Release Date : November

The sounds

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All the details

LEAP OF FAITH 2021 gives you the opportunity to PRE-ORDER the whole 2021 RareNoiseRecords release schedule at a discount to the release prices.

Pre-Orders will go live on Saturday 2nd January, 2021.

LEAP OF FAITH is only available from our direct e-commerce.


CD (11 X CD + .mp3 + .flac + Bandcamp Streaming) – £109.99

VINYL (11 X VINYL + .mp3 + .flac + Bandcamp App Streaming) – £219.99

COMBO (11 X CD + 11 X VINYL + .mp3 + .flac + HD .flac + Bandcamp App Streaming) – £269.99

HD DOWNLOAD (.mp3 + .flac + HD .flac + Bandcamp App Streaming) – £109.99

The total discount will be roughly equivalent to:

25% Discount for UK Customers,
40% Discount for European (ex-UK) customers
50% Discount for Worldwide ex-Europe Customers


Releases will ship with a roughly monthly frequency, usually about 1-2 weeks before official release date (as defined above)

All shipments will either be by Royal Mail 1st Class (Shipments to the UK) or Royal Airmail International Standard (non-tracked) (Shipments to Europe ex-UK and Worldwide ex-Europe).

Complimentary Downloads will be sent to you before shipment

– via Dropbox Link
– in form of Bandcamp Codes via Leap Of Faith Newsletter (giving you access to Bandcamp streaming).


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