Take a Leap of Faith into 2020

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 1

Now in its sixth year, Leap Of Faith has become the opening act of every year’s release cycle: now as before, Leap Of Faith is a promotion that allows especially curious or enamoured listeners to secure all of the coming year’s releases at competitive prices and receive them as soon as we receive them ourselves. 

This promotion will last until the end of the month of February 2020
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Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 5

Bobby Previte, Jamie Saft, Nels Cline

Music from the Early 21st Century

A freely improvised organ trio set,  filtered through the lens of these three encyclopaedically eclectic masters, continually morphing from one prismatic hybrid of styles to another throughout its ten carefully curated pieces.

Expected Release Date : 28th February

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 7

Giorgi Mikadze

Georgian Microjamz

Georgian Microjamz discovers unexpected common ground between the ancient traditions of Mikadze’s native Georgia, where the Orthodox Christian church featured only vocal music in its services, and the very modern microtonal innovations of guitar great David “Fuze” Fiuczynski.

Expected Release Date : February 28th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 9

Sophie Tassignon

Mysteries Unfold

The haunting strains of a distant melody, the resplendent majesty of an angelic choir; the echoing cries of circling birds, the thundering clomp of charging hoofbeats; the menace of an ominous growl, the soul-stirring chime of a tolling bell, the urgency of a percussive rhythm: Sophie Tassignon conjures all of these with only that most beautiful, boundless and mysterious of instruments, the human voice.

Expected Release : March 27th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 11

Merzbow, Mats Gustafsson, Balazs Pandi

Title TBD

 The fourth collaboration between the ‘Magellan’ of sound Merzbow, Swedish saxophone giant Mats-Olof Gustafsson and Hungarian free noise drummer Balazs Pandi. Recorded in Tokyo, this new collaboration walks straight into the palace of musique concrète. 

Expected Release : April 24th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 13

The Jerry Granelli Trio plays the music of Vince Guaraldi and Mose Allison

Jerry Granelli, famed drummer of Vince Guaraldi’s trio, so very well know for playing on Charlie Brown’s Christmas, collaborates with Jamie Saft and Brad Jones to present a breathtaking repertoire of songs by Vince Guaraldi and Mose Allison

Expected Release : May 29th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 15

Sonar w. David Torn

Tranceportation (Volume 2)
 This is the second volume of Tranceportation, the new collaboration between Swiss masters of precision Sonar with American Guitar innovator David Torn. The combined energies of Sonar and David Torn result in an unerring, quasi-lysergic tension that no band in the world today can aspire to emulate.

Expected Release : May 29th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 11

WorldService Project

Title TBD
 This is the third recording by European powerhouse punk-jazz outfit Worldservice Project for RareNoise, catching the band at the very peak of their form.

Expected Release : September 25th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 11

Al Pari Quaret and Kronos Quartet play the music of Stephan Thelen

Title TBD
 This exciting release will see several string quartets written by Swiss guitarist Stephan Thelen (of Sonar) being played by the Al Pari Quartet and the Kronos Quartet

Expected Release : September 25th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 11

J.Peter Schwalm and Tamar Halperin

Title TBD
 German electronic music composer J.Peter Schwalm will collaborate with Israeli pianist and hapsichordist Tamar Halperin. 

Expected Release : October 30th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 11

Magnet Animals

Fake Dudes
 The new RareNoise release by American/Mexican band Magnet Animals, featuring Todd Clouser on vocals and guitar, Eyal Maoz on guitars, Shanir Blumenkranz on bass and Jorge Servin on drums.

Expected Release : October 30th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 11

The End

Title TBD
 The new RareNoise release by Norwegian/Swedish superband The End with Sofia Jernberg on vocals, Mats Gustafsson and Kjetil Møster on saxophones and flutes, Anders Jana on baritone guitar and Børge Fjordheim on drums.

Expected Release : November 27th

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 27

The End 

Nedresa (10″ Vinyl)

10″ Single from the forthcoming full album, it features two tracks from the same recording session.

Expected Release : February 28th

This release is not available as CD

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 29

New Zion Trio

Sunshine Seas in dub (10″ Vinyl)
 10″ transparent yellow release featuring the original ‘Sunshine Seas‘ song from New Zion w. Cyro’s 2016 release Sunshine Seas, a dub remix by Chris Castagno and an exclusive new track by New Zion Trio‘s new lineup of Jamie SaftBrad Jones and Hamid Drake

Expected Release : February 28th 

This release is not available as CD

Take a Leap of Faith into 2020 31

LEAP OF FAITH 2020 gives you the opportunity to PRE-ORDER the whole 2020 RareNoiseRecords release schedule (11 releases + 2 X 10″ Vinyls) and enjoy free shipping on each one of the shipments coming your way during the year.

Free Shipping (across 8 shipments) is roughly equivalent to a

  • 20% Discount for UK Customers,
  • 35% Discount for European (ex-UK) customers
  • 45% Discount for Worldwide ex-Europe Customers

All shipments will either by Royal Mail 1st Class (Shipments to the UK) or Royal Airmail International Standard (Shipments to Europe ex-UK and Worldwide ex-Europe).

Starting Mid February, your copies will ship to you as soon as they are received in our warehouse, that is usually well in advance of the release date.

LEAP OF FAITH is also available as downloads (all formats in one) for a price equivalent to that of LOF CD.

Downloads will be added to your order when Vinyl and CDs ship

LEAP OF FAITH will only be available for the months of  January and February 2020


  • CD  (11 X CD + .mp3 + .flac)
  • VINYL (13 X VINYL + .mp3 + .flac)
  • COMBO  (11 X CD + 13 X VINYL + .mp3 + .flac + HD .flac)
  • HD DOWNLOAD (.mp3 + .flac + HD .flac)

HD .flac will depend on release (24bit/44.1kHz | 24bit/48kHz | 24bit/88.2kHz | 24bit/96kHz)

Further complimentary Downloads will be served in the form of Bandcamp Codes at the time of release of each album.

releases will ship on a roughly monthly frequency, usually about 1 week before official release date

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