Twinscapes and Free Nelson MandoomJazz available to Pre-Order

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The CD Digipacks of Twinscapes (RNR037) by Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati (with guests Nils Petter Molvaer, David Jackson of Van Der Graaf Generator, Andi Pupato of Ronin and Roberto Gualdi of PFM) and Free Nelson MandoomJazz‘ Double EP (The Shape Of DoomJazz To Come/Saxophone Giganticus) (RNR039) have arrived and may now be ordered.

Both these releases are also available to PRE-ORDER as Combo (Single Vinyl + CD + mp3 and flac downloads) as Single Vinyl (with mp3 download) and for immediate order as mp3, flac (lossless) and HD flac (24bit/96Khz).

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