RareNoise Pre-Orders shipping update

Dear Friends



We would like to update you about the pre-order shipping dates:

RNR032 (SLOBBER PUP / BLACK ACES CD DIGIPACK – 4 PANEL) has arrived this morning –  pre-orders of this CD or orders that include this CD will start shipping this week.

RNR031 (BERSERK! CD DIGIPACK 4 PANEL) is shipping.

RNR031 COMBOs and RNR032 COMBOs and any orders that include these combos will start shipping upon arrival of the VINYL – Current expected shipping dates:

RNR031 COMBO (and orders including this combo): May 5th/7th 2013

RNR032 COMBO (and orders including this combo): May 15th  2013 to May 22nd 2013

Please be aware that the later shipping date always apply (e.g. if you have pre-ordered RNR031 COMBO and RNR032 COMBO your order will ship May 15th to 22nd 2013.

Do not hesitate to contact us at info at rarenoiserecords dot com should you have any queries.