Animation and InterStatic Live at Shapeshifter Lab (NYC) June 28th

RareNoiseRecords Presents: Double Bill Featuring
InterStatic and Bob Belden’s Animation
Live at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn – June 28

Animation and InterStatic Live at Shapeshifter Lab (NYC) June 28th 1


Animation and InterStatic Live at Shapeshifter Lab (NYC) June 28th 3

RareNoiseRecords groups InterStatic and Bob Belden’s Animation are set to perform at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn on Thursday, June 28 with sets at 7:45pm and 9:40pm respectively. Each will be performing material from their RareNoise albums, either upcoming or recently released.

InterStatic features organist Roy Powell, guitarist Jacob Young and drummer Jarle Vespestad in genre-defying triumvirate which seamlessly combines elements of jazz, experimental, ambient, and rock. The trio recently made their RareNoiseRecords debut with a self titled album, which was a change in direction from 2011’s Anthem.

Returning from London, where they played a very well-received concert at the Vortex Jazz Club, InterStatic extends the organ trio tradition established by Jimmy Smith and taken to realms beyond on such groundbreaking recordings as Tony Williams Lifetime’s Emergency! (with Larry Young and John McLaughlin) and John Abercrombie’s Timeless (with Jan Hammer and Jack DeJohnette), but inject it with the nordic sensitivity and aesthetics that one may associate with Terje Rypdal, who was a deliberate influence. Other influences for the album include

Animation, in its new formation of saxophonist/flautist Bob Belden, bassist Jacob Smith, trumpeter Peter Clagett, keyboardist Roberto Verastegui and drummer Matt Young will be presenting Transparent Heart, their new album which is currently scheduled for a September release on RareNoiseRecords.

Heart, in the words of Belden, is, “a way of looking at Manhattan through music”

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InterStatic Performing Music from InterStatic (7:45pm)
Bob Belden’s Animation Performing from Transparent Heart (9:40pm)
at ShapeShifter Lab – Thursday, June 28

Roy Powell – Organ
Jacob Young – Guitar
Jarle Vespestad – Drums

Bob Belden – Saxophone, Flute
Jacob Smith – Bass
Peter Clagett – Trumpet
Roberto Verastegui – Keyboard
Matt Young – Drums

18 Whitwell Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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