Metallic Taste of Blood Reviews (Part 1)

The eponymous Metallic Taste of Blood album, released last month, has been getting some great reviews.

Metallic Taste of Blood Reviews (Part 1) 1

Here’s a selection below, click on the links to read…..

Louder than War


Critical Jazz

Something Else Reviews

The Digital Fix


Mass Movement

I like the use of the term Cognitive Dissonance here, as I’ve just read “When Prophecy Fails” which I highly recommend……

…..and this one from Italy. (No idea what is says, as I don’t parlano Italiano)

My colleagues and I also did an interview with Hellbound, which you can read here

There’s also now a brand new Facebook page….here,

…..finally the Metallic Taste of Blood website has a had a bit of a revamp.

More to follow,

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