Bob Belden MasterClass at Manhattan School of Music

Dear Friends,

I’ve been given a rare opportunity to present this strange idea to unsuspecting students at the Manhattan School of Music. As punishment for

some unknown offense, the master class is scheduled for 9am on Tuesday, March 27 2012 at 9am…..

Its open to the public. just email me I will put you ‘on the list’ plus none….

In a nutshell: the thought process behind this ‘convergence theory’ is mixing the ‘techniques’ of composition, orchestration, sound design, audio engineering, 5.1 and x,y,z/3-D surround mixing, digital video recording and processing, digital video editing and codec-centric file creation in conjunction with cellular/live animation, live ambisonic audio mixing, live video remixing in a circular and spherical visual projection to ‘compose’ a singular or unique ‘inclusive and immersive hyper-world’.Bob Belden MasterClass at Manhattan School of Music 1

When minds of different creative directions collaborate, there is a collective diffusion that improves the idea and has the potential for further investigation and elaboration.

FOR INFORMATION : The Manhattan School of Music is at 122ND & BROADWAY | 917 493 4428 | WWW.MSMNYC.EDU