Metallic Taste of Blood

Metallic Taste of Blood.
I am pleased to say that first fruits of a new collaboration under the name Metallic Taste of Blood, is nearing completion.
Mixing is well underway and, although things may of course change, the plan is that our album will be released in early 2012 on Rarenoise records.
Rarenoise have a great collection of releases, you can check a selection here:
Anyway, the Metallic Taste of Blood line up is:
Yours truly on bass of course…..
Eraldo Bernocchi on guitars and sounds.
Balazs Pandi on drums.
Jamie Saft on piano, keyboards and synths.
For anyone unfamilar, I’ll tell you a bit about my co-conspiritors:
Eraldo Bernocchi has been making music with, among many others,  Sigillum S, Charged, Mick Harris, Bill Laswell, Thomas Fehlmann, and has just released a very fine album, Winter Garden, in collaboration with Harold Budd and (former Cocteau Twin) Robin Guthrie.
Balazs Pandi, also drums with Merzbow, Venetian Snares, Wormskull and, a recent favourite album of mine, Blood of Heroes.
Jamie Saft (John Zorn, Bobby Previte) has provided Metallic Taste of Blood with keyboard and piano performances of an intensity and originality far beyond anything I expected, in fact I think he’s knocked us all out with what he’s come up with.
Inevitably, we will be asked to describe our music…..but, I never really enjoy describing something I am so very involved in, so I will save that for another day….
Anyway, just for now, I would like to invite you, Dear Reader, to bookmark, and come and sign up for our mailing-list (we promise not to spam you) that in the relatively near future we might be able to direct to you some further information (the website will grow as time goes on….), eventually some music of course and whatever else we might think up in the future…….
All the Best,