Where to buy Silent Stars by Martin Schulte

Dear Friends,

Silent Stars, the the new album by tatar dub-techno wonderkind Martin Schulte, has been released.

You may find it at the following locations:

1. RareNoiseStore (www.rarenoisestore.com) Formats: CD Digipack/.flac/.mp3, worldwide
2. Itunes (mp3, worldwide)
3. Emusic (mp3, worldwide)
4. Napster (streaming/mp3, worldwide)
5. mTracks (.mp3, worldwide)
6. MediaNet (.mp3, worldwide)
7. Verizon Wireless (.mp3, worldwide)
8. SecuriCast
9. Nokia/OD2-Loudeye (.mp3, worldwide)
10. Starzik (.mp3, worldwide)
11. Play.com (.mp3, worldwide)

Soon available on

1. Spotify (streaming/.mp3, worldwide)
2. Rhapsody (streaming, US)
3. Beatport (.mp3, worldwide)
4. Juno Download (.mp3, worldwide)


Enjoy The Butterfly spreading its wings