Releases In And Outside The (Sound)Cloud

Dear Friends,

as noted by some of you we have been rather coy in our comunications during the last two months. Fret not, much is happening just below the surface…

The development of version 2.0 of our website is ongoing, and will last until the end of February. New front page, new bespoke artist’s pages, more functionality, and a lot more syndication between all of our online assets, be it facebook, MySpace, Youtube (and others in future).

Always curious about new technologies, we decided to give SoundCloud a go – please join us, and if you are a member of SoundCloud, start followingby clicking the logo.

Releases In And Outside The (Sound)Cloud 1

All future music streaming on our site will be through Soundcloud widgets

We are also in the process of redesigning the store as we gear up to offer a greater variety of product and a more

Oh, and a new all – encompassing blog – DENSESIGNALS – which we will finally use to contribute discussions and opinions above and beyond RareNoiseRecords, be they on matters artistic, legal, pr, even instrument and tech – related. It only has to be about the music.

Future releases – more very very soon:

Releases In And Outside The (Sound)Cloud 3

SOMMA – 23 Wheels Of Dharma (RNR004) will initially be exclusively available on the RareNoiseRecords store in both physical 6 panel digipack and digital FLAC/MP3 from February 24th 2010.

It will be available on all major digital retailers via our aggregator IODA April 5th 2010

Releases In And Outside The (Sound)Cloud 5

The Mantra ATSMM – Defeated Songs (RNR008) the new album by our favourite neapolitan band will initially be released exclusively on the RareNoiseRecords Store from March 25th 2010 and on all major e-tailers from April 5th 2010.

More very soon,

stay tuned!