SOMMA postponed until February 2010

Dear Friends,

We are sorry to announce, that

the release of Somma has been postponed until February 2010

as we strive to make it a remarkable one. We will very soon be announcing a raft of very important news – these will include

  • profound changes to the website and its architecture, as we try to respond to the comments/criticisms of our friends
  • Introduction of a new blog, covering all matters RareNoiseRecords, but extending from there, with the aim of it becoming a relevant voice in our music space. We strive for it to become a relevant voice covering differing opinions on the current state of the music world (also legal, pr, copyright, etc etc). If you are interested in writing on this blog please contact us on info[at]rarenoiserecords[dot]com
  • Some changes to our ecommerce infrastructure
  • News on our 2010 release schedule
  • more, much more…

Kindest regards,