Method Of Defiance Play Montreux!

Who is this man?

Method Of Defiance Play Montreux! 1

This coming Sunday 12th July 2009, Method Of Defiance will be playing in Montreux, at the Montreux Jazz Festival. We will be there and report it all to you, with photos and more. The lineup for the occasion is Method Of Defiance (Laswell/Worrell/Kondo/Dr Israel/Licata/Hawkman), joined on this occasion by DJ Krush (yes you guessed it – he’s the man ).

For more information check out this link

Also read this most excellent article on Montreux, Bill Laswell and Method Of Defiance by journalist John Doran, which has very recently appeared on The National…

We will be back on the 15th – with our impressions. After that day we will also start shipping the Method Of Defiance Nihon CD/DVD register your interest!

We will also have some savoury news concerning the future of Method Of Defiance….