Press Reactions to Meditronica

Read some of the very excellent comments from the Press:

“a masterpiece of serious dub’n’space action” ….. Pathaan [BBC/Worldwide]

Meditronica use the reggae genre as a springboard only, and the tradition they represent has its roots in not just reggae, but also jazz, industrial noise, world music and a myriad of other sources besides, including the experiments of avant-garde composers like John Cage and Stockhausen. Rather than make three-minute songs for the commercial market, Meditronica create nameless, aural environments for the senses, and that are just as capable as igniting the imagination, as well as the waistline. – John Masouri [Echoes]

“Meditronica is a true advenure in dub. Do not deprive yourself!” – DJ Sep (Dub Mission / Kpfa)

“Highly recommended summertime listening is this self titled album by Meditonica. Perfect chilled dub electronica with touches of Mediterranean, Balearic influence.” – Neonlite

“All the long of the album, we find again the bass line of the Italian producer. A pure, flowing and style line. Excellent!” – Dub Connection

“excellent production makes this album a stand out” – Massimo Nova

“big fat, deep ambient electronically enhanced dub soundscapes that rattle and hum in all the right places.” – ireallyovemusic

“a laidback, slow-burning and highly engaging dub odyssey – full respect to meditronica'” – Naasko Interchill records – Canada

“How does the spiritual survive in the urban jungle? Ashtech- bass player, producer and solo artist -has created a rare noise groove of dub-buoyant meditations with collaborators Polcari, Dub Gabriel, Raiz and Eraldo Bernocchi. In “Meditronica” the Mediterranean flavour that weaves through the album’s urban dub style electronica is the thematic thread that pulls us deeper into the world of the walking target (the title of Ashtech’s last album) which we all are to some extent. Basslines of liquid fire ground the atmospheric soundscapes – “Meditronica” is a mirror of our times, wid nuff bass inna yu face!” – Jasmine Tutum (Journalist “Riddim” Magazine / and Dubtress from the Dub Radio programme “Dub’Kali Rootz”) – Germany