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Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati



Lorenzo Feliciati and Colin Edwin first got together for an impromptu one-off gig in London early in 2013, and they discovered an instant chemistry on the bandstand. 

As Colin recalls, “I was familiar with Lorenzo’s band Naked Truth and also his solo album Frequent Flyer, and coincidentally had been toying with the idea of a dual-bass project with a bass player friend of mine. So I immediately thought it was something worth doing as an experiment, at least. And I knew that this project would lead us to explore other things you tend to do a lot less of in a regular band set-up, like using different effects, E-bows, have the bass playing melodies and so forth.”

“It's such a cliche that some musicians only think about their own parts and miss the overall sonic tapestry of what they are working on, so they tend to overplay,” he continues "but Lorenzo and I have both had a lot of experience playing songs and composed music in ensemble situations, so we both have a good sense of how things fit together.

Of all the instruments in a group situation, the bass often has more power and is more effective when played in a simple and economic way. And there's a real art to being simple and complementary.”

In preparing for their session together, they spent a few productive days in a studio in the English countryside (YellowfishStudios), fleshing out compositions from the bones of each other’s sketches. Playing both fretted and fretless basses, the two kindred low-end spirits create a formidable undercurrent on the 11 powerful tracks from Twinscapes while embellishing the open-ended pieces with freewheeling improvisation. “We had a very short time to plan what to do and only a small amount of rehearsal,” continues Colin, “but even from our brief rehearsal, it certainly felt like we had a natural way of playing together. Without any real discussion we managed to find a way of fitting around each other, despite occupying the same frequency area. It requires a certain amount of intuition and sensitivity just to be able to do that, without stepping on each others toes and filling up the same space.”


Arising out of the sheer joy of playing together, TWINSCAPES is the first recording that sees australian born Colin Edwin (of Porcupine Tree and Metallic Taste Of Blood) and italian born Lorenzo Feliciati of Naked Truth and Berserk! joining forces.

The two are joined in this adventure by Andi Pupato (of Nik Bärtsch's Ronin) on various percussions, Nils Petter Molvaer on trumpet, David Jackson (of Van Der Graaf Generator) on saxophones and Roberto Gualdi (of italian prog stalwarts PFM). 

Recorded in the South of England at YellowfishStudios mid 2013, Twinscapes was mixed by further Bass stalwart Bill Laswell, a man well versed in dealing with the extensive palette of sounds and textures presented by the recordings. 

Melodies, groove and skill are all intertwined in this oeuvre which extends far beyond the mere bass encounter into new and creative territory.

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