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By organically and masterfully blending elements of Electronica, both Ambient and Concrete Music with structures arising out of chamber music and jazz, the innovative trio of pianist Michele Cavallari, bassist Luca Fogagnolo and drummer Giuliano Ferrari has come up with a wholly unique sound on Elec3Cities that may establish a daring new direction for the piano trio.

This delicate balance of electronic experimentalism and acoustic piano jazz has been evolving gradually from the group’s initial release in 2006, Adoration, and continued on 2007’s Decoupage through 2008’s Difficult to See You and 2011’s acclaimed Weather Forecasting Stone. But the three Italian musicians take it to a wholly new level on Elec3Cities, their most overtly experimental outing to date and debut for the London-based RareNoise label.

Release : 7 April 2014

Pre-Orders : 5th March 2014

Formats : CD Digipack / Single Lp 180gm / Digital Download (HD flac / flac / mp3)

Michele Cavallari - Piano, Keyboards, Effects
Luca Fogagnolo - Bass, Upright Bass, Guitars, Effects
Giuliano Ferrari - Drums, Effects


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Available Formats


Combo = Single/Double 180gms Vinyl + CD/Double CD + free .flac/.mp3 downloads

LP/Double LP = Single/Double 180gms Vinyl + free .mp3 download

CD/Double CD = Single/Double CD Digipack 4/6 Panel + free .mp3 download

Download - HD FLAC = HD Lossless Digital download (24bit/96Khz)

Download - FLAC = Lossless Digital Download (16bit/44.1Khz)

Download - MP3 = Compressed Digital Download (16bit/44.1Khz)

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